Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process that involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto the garment. Only a single color of ink can be applied in each screen. Therefore, the number of colors on a t-shirt are very limited.

The setup of screen printing is time consuming and its completion can be lengthy depending on how many colors are used and the quantity of items being printed.

Ideal for bulk orders of 50 shirts or more.

Screen Setup Process

Each screen represents a color for printing setup. Once it is perfectly aligned, our press machine will automatically push the ink with the same amount of force. Making the print precise, efficient and consistent of each shirt that comes out.

Samples of Screen Stencil Setup

First Ink

First layer of print allows us to align the rest of the screen perfectly before production. Sometimes it's the underbase of dark garments.

Second Ink

Second layer is the coat of colors. The number of colors is limited and could be mixed to make a specific color such as Red and Yellow layer making an orange.

Third Ink

Last layer is typically the black coat of ink. This adds the depth and the shadows of the artwork.

Print Location

Due to the limitation of our current pallet setup, we can only print on front and back side. This ensures proper printing on our automatic machines and no warping occurs.

Max print size is 14" wide by 19" high. 


Direct to garment (DTG) is a digital printing method directly onto a shirt. You’re able to print images in much higher detail than screen printing, and you’re not limited in color. However, due to this process, it is also limited to light garment color.

The printer can print any image, customization is simple. This is also a good budgeted option for clients from making an up-front investment from screen printing.

Ideal for single print orders.

Pricing Matrix

Each production is different and unique in its own way. It is impossible to create a one-size- fits all pricing system for screen printing. We created a formula that is tailored to the client’s budget.

Price is determined by shirt cost plus print cost. Bulk discount is applied based on screen printing quantity. Shirt prices changes each time a shirt is added or subtracted. DTG typically is a fix print price of $10 plus the shirt price.