How to choose a perfect t-shirt design: Samples on a $0 budget

Alrighty, you have made a great decision of starting your very own t-shirt brand. Awesome possum! You will face some challenges and I will teach you to over come them. Figuring out a winner design is key and marketing becomes secondary along with everything else.

Begin with something you're really good at

This one should be easy. However, there are times that you are surrounded with a lot of noise. Keeping you distracted and out of focus on the things you are really good at. It's good to find a perfect balance between you and the noise. Very importantly, you must concentrate and start on something you are really good at.

This will ultimately help you understand yourself a bit more and to build a unique design to a specific audience.

Take a notepad and start brainstorming on some potential t-shirt ideas. You can also write questions like is it going to be funny or tasteless. Once you figured out what you want, then you move on to the next phase: design.

Basic typography t-shirt design

This takes little to no effort in doing. Of course, there are plenty of free sites that offer an online designer but for the sake of simplicity, you can start designing using our very own online designer. It is super easy! Just head on over to the DESIGN NOW tab and start typing or designing your ideas.

Simple words such as SIMP LIFE can be such a hit to your potential customers, there is no need to add a lot of fancy elements.

Once you know, it only takes just a little bit of imagination and messing around with different font faces. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring some ideas and design your t-shirt.

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