How Zillaprints Started


I am glad you have found our online store, Zillaprints. We are a web based print shop that can offer you some pretty great deals with high quality prints.

Zillaprints didn't open its doors overnight. It took a very long time to develop the business plan and to put all the pieces together to make it happen. We weren't always have been a print shop before. In fact, we only focused on graphic designing services only.

My journey began in 2013 when I have decided to offer my professional skills as a freelancer in graphic designing. After practicing in the real field of being employed by various print shops in Bakersfield, CA, I had decided to do a side hustle for myself and practice as an entrepreneur. Friends and families came to visit me to receive a logo creation, print layout for their marketing needs and some sort of branding for their business'. From there on it was growing more and more to the point to where I needed to establish the company.

It took a bit of time for me (three years) to finally come up with a business plan on how to provide great quality prints for our clients. You see, it wasn't always like this. In fact, I had faced many challenges with many print shops to have them print my clients products with color accuracy. Since I had everything planned out, it was time to think of a business name.

I thought about using my Matrix name 'artxenoc', but then I immediately scraped that idea. It is too difficult to remember and to pronounce. I began to do my vision quest of finding a name. Then it hit me. Zilla! Since I've used programs and things that began with the name Zilla (FileZilla and Mozilla Firefix), I've research on what it actually meant. Zilla in hebrew means 'shadow' but you know how we Americans like to change meaning by adding a lizard to its name. Now it's associated with a dinosaur everywhere. Also, where I work at Repla, they referred a DTG printer as 'Zilla' as well.

It took me years to finally establish the company. See, we're not just another print shop! No! We strive in making your business grow exponentially with our services.

A big Than You for taking the time to read my story and to use our services. You'll not regret it!

We are an online based company located in Austell, GA. Due to the pandemic, we are currently operating online only.
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